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Why Toilet Paper?

I mean why does Toilet Paper seem so important to us? Obviously many people use it, but why do we see so many examples of it being valued far more than it would seem to deserve? From Looters on TV to thieves taking supplies from a Homeless Shelter we witness those who are willing to risk prison for this apparently precious commodity. When countries are having economic meltdowns what form do the hardships people are suffering from get reported first…Toilet Paper shortages that’s what. Should it really hold this much power over us? The answer is no.

Toilet Paper should not be so important because there is something far better; something that cleans better, is healthier (in many ways), costs less and is even better for the environment and that something is the Hand Held Bidet Sprayer or Toilet Sprayer. If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful device let me explain. No it is not a Bidet but a Hand Held Sprayer that does a far better job cleaning you than a Bidet can. The reason for this is simple; it provides a stronger water spray and much more control of where it sprays because you have it in your hand instead of a fixed spray like with a Bidet. This same advantage also applies to the Bidet Toilet Seats that are so popular in Japan. Their spray wand does an inferior job of washing you. It may play music and even heat the toilet seat but if hygiene is your priority then the Hand Bidet Sprayer is your best answer.