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Anal-Butt  Itch/Pruritus Ani Cured with the Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

That’s right, washing with water from a Hand Bidet Sprayer completely cures Anal Itching. I speak from personal experience. Anal Itch (or Prutitus Ani in medical jargon) has been misdiagnosed for years with many so-called experts claiming it was caused by improper hygiene (read: wiping with toilet paper) or pin worms. The reality is that although those situations certainly occur the majority of people who experienced this were doing so because they were trying to get too clean! Yes that’s right, not that they were not wiping nor had worms but they were wiping too much.

The most common cause of Pruritus Ani is Toilet paper. No matter how soft a brand you buy, rubbing against sensitive skin irritates that skin and removes the body’s natural oils that it needs. The result is that there is dry, irritated skin that then itches. And we all know what tends to happen when you scratch an itch?! Scratching the itch, sometimes to the point of bleeding, which then causes more itching, perpetuating the cycle! If you’ve ever had Anal Itch  you know exactly what I’m talking about and you’ve never heard an “expert” talk like this because they never had it.

And all this time you probably thought there was something wrong with you but there’s not, you’re just sensitive. That’s right; sensitive….sensitive skin that got irritated and then when people prescribed creams and ointments it just made it worse because now there was too much moisture being trapped and then when wiped off with toilet paper, which had to happen eventually, and then it starts all over again. Solution: get rid of the toilet paper, at least the wiping part. The key is to be able to wash with water and one of the most efficient and convenient ways of accomplishing that is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. When you’ve sprayed yourself clean you can use a few sheets of toilet paper to dry off with….no rubbing. Personally I prefer a small towel myself but whatever makes you happy.

The Toilet  Sprayer gives you what everyone tells you need = the ability to wash yourself but with the convenience of doing so right at the toilet, no need to get up and jump on the sink counter or take a shower every time. With the sprayer in hand you have complete control of a strong spray of water directly to where and for how long you want it. It’s more efficient and more effective than a bidet or bidet toilet seat for that reason. It’s also allot cheaper and requires less maintenance. It’s so inexpensive that it’s practical to add a Bidet Sprayer to all your bathrooms.