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 Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Benefits    
The benefits from using the Bathroom Hand Bidet Sprayer are so many it is amazing that every bathroom doesn’t have one by now.  It starts of course with just being a cleaner and more convenient way to clean up after using the toilet. If good Hygiene is a concern for you and your family it doesn't get any better than this. That alone would make it one of the best items you have every purchased. No more need to climb up on the bathroom counter to wash in the sink or get soaked in the shower. For women it is especially nice, as they get multiple benefits.  

But let’s not leave out the men. Because one of the great things about the bathroom sprayer is that it can cure (can a non-doctor use that word?) a problem that many people(mostly men) have and no one seems to have an answer for: Rectal Itch. Or Anal Itch as some call it or even Itchy Butt as my good English friend calls it. I call it a pain in the ass because that’s what it is. Sorry for the blunt word but we are talking about a very personal thing here so we might as well talk plain. And though I may not be a doctor I sure know what I’m talking about because I had it most of my life, from childhood to over 30 years as an adult and nothing helped until I got my first sprayer and then….gone. That’s right, completely 100% gone. And no I am not the only one. I have friends who had the boldness to admit to me that the same thing happened for them after continued use of their sprayer for only a couple of months.                                            
There is plenty of medical information that explains why this is so and you can refer to some of it in our article pages on the subject but I will give you the simple reason here. The Bathroom Bidet Sprayer allows you to clean yourself gently with water and on a continual basis that eliminates the itching. It is very difficult to resist (I couldn’t) washing oneself in a sink or shower without using soap and even a gentle soap and even careful washing can irritate the skin and thereby perpetuate the problem.  Besides the fact that no matter how much you like to stay clean it is not always convenient to wash, with the sprayer it is. And the wonderful thing is no one will know if that’s the reason you bought it. They will just think you are a clean freak or something and that’s not such a bad thing is it? But that’s not all…..there are still more important benefits for using the sprayer.                                  

How about  Hemorrhoids?  As I said, I’m not a doctor just experienced and once again the problem was gone. Not that it was a bad problem, I was probably like most people (see our article on the subject) which means I had them and sometimes they were worse than other times but usually not too bad. Once again it is simple, the sprayer is gentler on your tush and also if you are experiencing some difficulty you can give yourself a little spray up inside to help things along. Yes that’s right, I said spray inside.  Although we make no claims about the specific health benefits that some say come from the use of colonics it is a simple fact that if one is feeling bloated or constipated a nice quick shot of water in the pipes can help get things going and all in the privacy and comfort of your own home. “Oh what a relief it is”    
Now if those aren’t enough reasons for you how about one of the best reasons of all? – IT FEELS GOOD! That’s right, besides being more sanitary and clean, besides the health benefits mentioned (in detail), besides all those great reasons there is the simple fact that it feels really good to wash your Butt with water and also not have to worry about where and what you are washing because you can spray your troubles away.                  
If all those great reasons to get your sprayer today don’t have you convinced, then maybe you don’t like being too nice to yourself, and you can always do it for the planet. Yes there is the green benefit too = no more need for toilet paper. Oh you can still use it if you want(especially for guests), you just won’t need very much and I personally prefer a towel. Think of all the trees you can save and all that solid waste that won’t be added to the environment. Yes you will be using more water and if you live in the desert you might have a concern but remember water is not destroyed, it is the most recyclable of all the resources we use and you don’t have to grow more of it.  Also the industrial users = makers of toilet paper use far more water than you so by cutting back on toilet paper use it realizes a net water savings.          
I hope you can see that the Hand Held Bidet Sprayer is truly the best thing since sliced bread and we hope you order yours soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.