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Toilet Hygiene and the Hand Bidet Sprayer

To many people wiping with Toilet Paper and washing their hands after using the toilet is the total extent of their toilet hygiene regimen. And often when you suggest that might not be good enough they get quite upset and even resort to name calling or invoke “third-world” epithets. For others, such as myself, such an approach has never been enough but the alternatives of taking a shower or jumping up on the sink were never very convenient. For people like us there is something much better, it's called the Hand Bidet Sprayer.

These days’ people are using some new technologies like wet wipes or Bidets but these have other drawbacks. Wet Wipes which claim to be flushable are indeed because so many of them are ending up in the sewers where they are causing expensive clogs, sometimes these even happen at the home. Bidets, which look nice in a luxury bathroom are expensive and won’t fit in the average bathroom to say nothing of why would you want to have to get up and move to get cleaned off. Then there are the newer bidet toilet seats that are popular in Japan. Now these are pretty cool but again they are expensive (sometimes Very) and require professional installation and maintenance if anything ever goes wrong, which of course it will eventually.

Anyone who has traveled much has sometime, somewhere, encountered a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer in a Hotel Bathroom. In Thailand there is one in almost every household and in the Middle East where they are known as a Muslim Shower they are also common. At first you may look askance at these things hanging on the wall next to the toilet (I know I did) and may even think they are for cleaning the bathroom, something which they do happen to be great for. But no, these are primarily for cleaning oneself. Once you get over the strangeness and finally try one you will never look back. Then you might wonder why they aren’t everywhere but mostly why not back at your home.

The reason is simple; different history and different plumbing. With modern plumbing in most Western Countries and unlimited trees to make toilet paper with there was really no need. The Hand Bidet Sprayer is a wonderful invention in much the same way as the shower was. Before the shower everyone had to take a bath or poor water over their head from a bucket.

Toilet Paper alone is so inadequate knowing that people still think it’s fine is a testament to how powerful cultural programming can be. People would never think their hands were clean if they just wiped them off with toilet paper but somehow an area that, let’s face it; is probably much dirtier than hopefully your hands will ever be is considered fine to do just that.